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Forgetful Snow
CQ Chapbook 6
Summer / Fall 2015
Vol 40 No 2

Contributors: Rosanna Albertini, Melinda Buckwalter, Dorothy Dubrule, Talya Epstein, K.J. Holmes, Maggie Jones, Molly Lieber and Melinda Ring
Photos: Paula Court, Naotaka Hiro
Editors: Melinda Buckwalter and Lisa Nelson
Concept and Design: Judith Walker, Melinda ring

8 x 8 in
28 pages
ISBN: 0198-9634
Publisher: Contact Quarterly
Publication date: April 2015

Includes a center pull-out with instructions on how to make Forgetful Snow

available for purchase, $13 + postage

Contributors: Nancy Agabian, Melinda Ring
Editor: Melinda Buckwalter
Design: Melinda Ring


3.5 X 2.5 in

42 pages
Publisher: Special Project
Publication date: 2011

available for purchase, $10 + postage

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