Hmmm..., 2009, The Kitchen, New York
Photographs: ©Paula Court

Hmmm… is a work that mines the potential of what is on hand in a given environment to upend performance protocol and audience expectations.

Starting with what’s available — some generic dance movement, two people, some found stuff — Hmmm…then proceeds to move the audience and performers further and further from common experiences into a disorienting atmosphere of questioning and uncertainty. Impulses, mistakes, attempts, and impossibilities from the dance-making process are accumulated, embedded into ever more disruptive versions of themselves towards eventual, exquisite chaos.

April 23—25, 2009, The Kitchen, New York

Performers: Kimberly Hamlin, Inka Juslin, and Sari Nordman
Curator: Dean Moss
Lighting designer: Roderick Murray

Review - New York Times
Review - danceviewtimes


“Ms. Ring un-raveled all that she had built. It was like watching the performance become the process, and the best part was that it felt real.” - Gia Kourlas, The New York Times

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