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Special Projects/Melinda Ring is a small organization with big plans and lots of good ideas. Please help us to realize them.  We depend on individual contributions, which are needed now more than ever as we restart post-pandemic.

Please support the work of Melinda Ring / Special Projects by DONATION, made possible with the generous assisstance of New York Live Arts’ fiscal sponsorship program.

Formed in 2004 by Melinda Ring, SPECIAL PROJECTS supports the creation of collaborative dance and movement based art projects. Special Projects promotes dance performance as a visual event in equal partnership with the kinesthetic experience. Looking to expand the boundaries of dance, Special Projects generates work for visual art spaces; visual art media such as video, sculpture, and film; and specific sites; in addition to theatrical venues. Its aim is to bring work to audiences who seek to expand their expectations of dance performance.

installing for the birds, 2009, w/Jennifer Nelson, The Box
photograph: Melinda Ring
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